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Work Fitness and Disability Roundtable

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About the Roundtable

The Work Fitness & Disability Roundtable is a free e-group -- a discussion group that communicates by e-mail using Yahoo Groups.  Our 1,000+ members are professionals from multiple disciplines.  We have a common interest in preventing and minimizing the disruptive impact of injury and illness on peoples' daily lives, especially regarding their work, and in promoting the health and productivity of the American workforce.  Our special focus is improving outcomes in situations in which new injuries, illnesses, or the progress of chronic medical conditions have temporarily or permanently changed peoples' ability to function in their "usual" way.  The Roundtable provides a dynamic forum for the exchange of ideas, posing of questions, and discussion of topics of interest and importance.

The roundtable is moderated by Jennifer Christian, MD, MPH, and sponsored by Webility Corporation.


Who are the Roundtable's members?

The WFD Roundtable has more than 1,000 professionals as members.  Two-thirds of the Roundtable's members are physicians, psychologists, chiropractors, nurses, case managers, and claims adjusters.  The other third is comprised of a wide variety of professionals: return-to-work coordinators, human resources and safety professionals, physical and occupational therapists, ergonomists, vocational rehabilitation counselors, lawyers, consultants, and persons in related professions.

In their work, most members of the Roundtable are called upon to respond when there is uncertainty whether an ill, injured, or impaired employee can perform his/her job.  Any professional who works in this arena is welcome to apply for membership in the Roundtable.

How does the Roundtable work?

The Roundtable uses Yahoo Groups to communicate among members via e-mail.  Whenever a member sends an e-mail message to the Roundtable or replies to one from the Roundtable, Yahoo Groups automatically distributes that e-mail to every Roundtable member.  Those who prefer to minimize e-mail volume choose the daily digest option, a single e-mail that consolidates all the messages for each 24 hour period.  Most prefer to receive and reply to "real time" messages individually throughout the day.

The Roundtable has a website available to members which contains an archive of all prior messages and an "electronic library" of shared documents and other items.  Members must set up a Yahoo account to use the website.

What does it cost?

There is currently no charge for membership.

Who runs the Roundtable?

The WFD Roundtable is moderated by its founder, Jennifer Christian, MD, MPH, president of Webility Corporation.  The Work Fitness & Disability Roundtable is sponsored by Webility Corporation (www.webility.md), which provides management consulting services as well as live and web-based educational courses for all parties who must collaborate effectively in order to prevent needless disability.

Have another question?

Send me an e-mail: Roundtable@webility.md

Membership Application

Want to join us?  Fill out the membership application below and click "SEND".  Once your eligibility is verified, you will receive a welcoming e-mail with ground rules and instructions, and you will start receiving e-mails from the Roundtable.

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