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Name: anonymous   Date: 03/24/19  

Details About Course:  Disability Prevention for Treating Clinicians: Talking About Ability to Work

This course gives treating clinicians of all specialties a short primer in disability prevention and management.  (For the purposes of this course, "disability" refers to medically-excused absence from work.)   It is intended to build clinician awareness, confidence, and skills in minimizing the destructive impact of injury and illness on daily life and work.

This course was developed in order to meet the need for doctors who are equipped with a basic understanding of their role in disability prevention and management.  Patients, employers, insurance carriers, case management firms, and claims administration companies frequently complain about physicians' lack of awareness of and willingness to play the communications role prescribed for them in disability cases.

Very few clinicians have had formal education or training in how to prevent and minimize the impact of illness or injury on patients' major life functions, especially their jobs.  Most say they feel inadequately prepared to give return-to-work advice and set appropriate work restrictions and limitations.

See below for information about:

Intended Audience

The intended audience is treating healthcare practitioners of all types, including physicians, psychologists, chiropractors, podiatrists, acupuncturists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, social workers and so on.

Other healthcare professionals and medical office administrative staff may also find it useful.

Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of this course will have been achieved when you:

  1. Know the basic questions that employers and insurers need you to answer in disability cases -- and how to provide useful advice.
  2. Understand your role in preventing the development of "iatrogenic disability."
  3. See the connections between giving timely, adequate return-to-work advice, better patient outcomes, and improved customer satisfaction.
  4. See the contribution you can make to maintaining the viability of America's position in the global economy by assisting employers in reducing medically unnecessary time off work.

Course Design


CME and QME Credit

This activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the Essential Areas and Policies of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education through the Joint Sponsorship of the Concentra Occupational Health Research Institute and Webility Corporation. The Concentra Occupational Health Research Institute is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

The Concentra Occupational Health Research Institute designates this educational activity for up to 3.5 hours in category 1 credit toward the AMA Physician's Recognition Award.  Each physician should claim only those hours of credit he/she actually spent in the education activity.

This course is accredited by the Administrative Director of the California Division of Workers' Compensation for Qualified Medical Evaluator continuing education. Physicians may report up to 3.5 hours of credit for QME reappointment. Webility is accredited provider #990.

Technology Requirements

Use any computer with a web browser connected to the Internet. The pages look best in Microsoft's Internet Explorer, but any browser will work. No special software plug-ins are required, and there are no audio clips requiring speakers. The technology is designed to provide good response times even over slow internet connections.

Cost and Payment

The cost for this course is $75.00, unless you are eligible for a discounted price through a sponsoring organization, or your organization has prepaid your registration.

Important!  If you have been requested to take this course by a sponsoring organization, please be sure to follow any instructions you were given about how to start your course.  Be sure to use the invitation code you were given when starting the course, or else the price discount (or full fee prepayment) will not be applied and we will not know to report your registration to the sponsoring organization.

Payment via credit card over our secure web server will be required prior to the course start.  Bulk payment for multi-physician groups can be arranged by contacting David Siktberg at Webility Corporation.  Telephone:  508-358-5218.    E-mail:  mail@webility.md

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