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Name: anonymous   Date: 03/24/19  

Details About Course:  MDG101 D2: Using Disability Duration Guidelines for Clinical Patient Care

(This was one module in an earlier course on using MDG101, Mastering MDGuidelines, the other modules of which have been discontinued since the MDGuidelines user interface was substantially revised and those modules not updated to match.  This module is not tied to that old system design, and is still relevant and useful.)


This brief module offers a short primer in disability prevention and management.  (As used here, the term "disability" refers to medically-related difficulties performing everyday activities and work.)  Specifically, this module teaches clinicians how to use disability duration guidelines as a source for the time forecasts they must develop in order to answer three common questions for patients, their families, employers and others:

  1. How long will the patient be laid up or out of commission due to a particular medical problem?
  2. When can the patient stop being "too sick to do anything" and resume their normal everyday routine, even though they may need to take it easy for a while?
  3. When, if ever, will life be back to normal?

The module is divided into 3 short sections.  It takes between 20 and 45 minutes to complete, depending on reading speed and whether the optional portions are completed.  No continuing medical education (CME) credit is available, but a Webility course completion certificate is.

This self-paced module is delivered over the internet.  Individual registrations can be purchased from Webility's web site.  Group purchases (and volume discounts) are available by contacting Webility.

Purpose and Educational Objectives

The purpose of Module D2: Using Disability Duration Guidelines for Clinical Patient Care is to:

  • Point out the practical reasons why patients and their employers and insurers keep asking clinicians to estimate when people are going to be able to come back to work.
  • Discuss why disability duration guidelines provide a solid basis for clinical decision-making.
  • Orient clinicians to what each of the numbers in disability duration guidelines mean and how the data is organized.
  • Prepare clinicians to select the most relevant disability duration number during initial and follow-up encounters with patients and over the course of each medical episode.
  • Point out how clinicians can use disability durations to monitor the course of recovery and identify cases that may need more attention or coordinated management.

After completing this module, clinicians should be able to:

  • Name the three time-related predictions that patients and their employers need most.
  • Select a specific number out of the disability duration guidelines that corresponds to each one of those predictions.
  • Use mismatches between actual elapsed time vs. predicted durations to trigger re-evaluation of your treatment strategy.

Intended Audience

The target audience for Module D-2 is clinicians who treat patients in an outpatient clinical setting and are authorized to sign return to work slips, FMLA forms, or workers' compensation and disability benefits forms.

The course is specifically designed for physicians, psychologists, chiropractors, podiatrists, mid-level practitioners such as nurse practitioners, physician assistants, licensed clinical social workers, and the like — but may also be useful for other staff members in the medical or mental health office.

Course Authors

The co-authors of the course are Dr. Jon Seymour, former president of Guidelines for Reed Group, Ltd., and Dr. Jennifer Christian, President of Webility Corporation.  Both are physicians with special expertise in disability prevention and management.

How It Works

Cost and Payment

A single registration for the D2 module by itself costs $50 paid by credit card over the web.

Important!  If you have been requested to take this course by a sponsoring organization, please be sure to follow any instructions you were given about how to start your course.  Be sure to use the invitation code you were given when starting the course, or else the price discount (or full fee prepayment) will not be applied and we will not know to report your registration to the sponsoring organization.

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