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Name: anonymous   Date: 03/24/19  

Details About Course:  Supervisor's Guide to Managing Ill and Injured Employees in the Workplace


This brief (about 1 hour) web-based course is designed to develop and enhance the skills needed to effectively deal with the situations that arise when workers are injured or ill and potentially unable to work as a result.  For the typical employer, many lost work days could be prevented with better management of these situations, which would benefit both employees and the employer.


This course is applicable to all types of employers; all types of injuries and illnesses, whether work-related or not; and to all benefit programs - sick leave, worker's compensation, disability insurance, etc.

Intended Audience

The course is intended for all those who have day-to-day responsibility for managing the situation created when workers have potentially disabling injuries or illnesses, and especially for those who regularly have direct contact with those workers.  The titles of these individuals vary from one employer to another, but as an example typically include:

Educational Objectives

The course develops the management skills of participants by giving them guidance on how to:

Course Authors

The course has been developed by three individuals with extensive experience in managing these situations themselves, in educating others about how best to do that, and in helping employers create effective programs to improve outcomes for all involved.

Dr. Jennifer Christian is board-certified in Occupational Medicine; is a nationally-prominent speaker and consultant on disability prevention initiatives; has a track record of developing innovative and successful programs while holding positions with employers, insurance companies, and healthcare organizations; and has been the prime author of several of Webility's courses.

John Coppelman has trained thousands of supervisors in how best to handle illnesses and injuries in employees, and has helped many employers implement successful programs that reduce unnecessary disability and improve outcomes for employees and employers both.

Frank Jackson has degrees in both law and business, and has extensive experience with all Human Resources processes, especially those related to disability issues.


The course is very interactive.  On most pages, you will read a few paragraphs and then give your opinion or answer some questions.  Completion typically takes about one hour, depending upon your reading speed and freedom from distractions.  Other key features:


All who complete the course will be awarded a course completion certificate.


Fees are usually paid in advance by the participant's employer.  Contact Webility at 508-358-5218 for information on volume purchases.  Single registrations can be purchased on-line via credit card for $75.00.

If your employer or a sponsoring organization is paying your course fee, be sure to follow the instructions provided to you for accessing the course so that the payment is properly credited.  If you have any questions or problems, please contact us for assistance.

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