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Name: anonymous   Date: 02/23/19  

Details About Course:  Disability Prevention for Treating Clinicians: Talking About Ability to Work

Course Details - Table of Contents

Topics are grouped into seven roughly 20-minute sessions.  Pause at any time by clicking on "Quit & Save" — we'll email you reminders to come back and finish.

Session 1:

  Key Concepts -- Putting Disability in Context

Session 2:

  Physician Survey -- Disability is Rarely Medically Required

  Iatrogenic Disability -- Unintended Consequences

Session 3:

  Workforce Absence -- Employers and Insurers Need Help

  Roles -- Where Treating Physicians Fit in the "Disability System"

  Doctors and Disability --  How Clinicians "See" Disability Today

Session 4:

  Patient Management and Patient Advocacy

  Doctors' Notes

Session 5:

  Screening Tests -- Four Clinical Pearls

  Non-Medical Issues -- Environmental Factors

Session 6:

  Non-Medical Issues -- Motivational Factors

  Practical Realities in the Medical Office

Session 7:

  Money and Other Rewards for Managing Disability

  Resources -- Where to Turn for Help


  Topical Bibliography in Disability Management

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